Atelier Tudor

An impressive past and exciting future

In February 1926, the house of “Veuve de Philippe Hüther”, a watch dealer and maker, registered the trademark “The Tudor” for Hans Wilsdorf – a visionary par excellence. Established in Geneva, he acquired the exclusive usage rights from the dealer.

Founded in 1946, headquartered in Geneva, famous Swiss watch brand aims at manufacturing retro-chic styled, classic Tudor watches with high-quality mechanics and finishing at modest retail value

On October 15th 1936, the house of “Veuve de Philippe Hüther” transferred the brand “The Tudor” to Hans Wilsdorf. In this same period, the rose of the Tudor dynasty appeared on the dials. Just after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf knew that the time had come to expand and give the brand a proper identity of its own. On March 6th 1946, he created the “Montres TUDOR S.A.” company, specialising in models for both men and women. Rolex would guarantee the technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics, along with after-sales service.

Throughout the late 1940s and 1950s, Tudor grew into one of the Swiss watchmaking world’s most well-known brands. Its first models atelier Tudor skillfully blended Rolex style and build quality with a more market-friendly retail price, attracting a wide audience of customers

Thus, in 1946, a revolutionary decision was made by Hans Wilsdorf, the visionary founder of the Rolex, as he decided to create a new watch brand that offers the precision, durability and reliability of famous Rolex, but at a more accessible price point.

This historic resolution marked the birth of the renowed Tudor brand. Tudor instantly offered unique and striking watch collection based on technical excellence, authentic sense of style and adventurous spirit.

Inspired by the brand's history, Tudor today continues to pay homage and respect to the iconic ranges and models that forged the way for the brand, by reinterpreting and adding to its prominent collection of timepieces. The timeless design and exceptional attention to detail has led to Tudor becoming an esteemed name in the contemporary world of luxury watches.

Today, inspired by its history, Tudor continues to pay homage to the models that paved the way for the brand by reviving, reinterpreting and adding novelties to its timeless collection of watches. Looking for strength, reliability and precision? Count on stylish Tudor watches to deliver

The traditional art of hand craftsmanship, skillfully adapted to contemporary needs

Every Tudor watch lives. Pulsates. It will take you into the myistical world of micro-precision.

The high technology in all components are relentlessly tested to the smallest detail -  to the point of obsession.

Aesthetics and performance fit for the most demanding of products, designed for endurance as much as pleasure – in every situation.

From its pioneer watches to its current range of vintage-inspired products, Tudor is without a doubt an impressive brand with its own distinct identity. Today, Tudor is recognized as a trendsetter in the watch industry

Pleasing to the eye and exciting to the mind, this precision mechanism from Tudor atelier will without doubt withstand the challenge of time. Exceptional materials, durability and practical solutions make each Tudor watch a unique, lovable, and collectable object.

In Tudor atelier every single component of the watch commands admiration and affection. Every phase of the assembly, every technical solution is focussed on one thing alone: your total satisfaction in an object of absolute precision. Throughout the design and production phases, every Tudor wrist watch is meticulously checked to ensure perfection and underwater operation. Hereof, every single watch - not just random examples - is submitted to strict waterproofness tests. The eyes of dozens of skilled experts make sure that the watch that will finally adorn your wrist - under your own watchful exploration - will give you bespoke usability and aesthetic pleasure.

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