We’re living in a time when understanding the seasonality of food is difficult.

The beauty of this interconnected world is that it brings so much abundance, but it takes a way a bit of longing at the same time.

In the Italy of yesteryear, they had to wait until summer to eat blueberries. This meant they celebrated each season at the table and looked forward to the moment their favorite food would be ripe. Today, they can eat blueberries all year round but many of them who are fascinated with primeval nature and its rhythms choose to eat only those foods that are in season.

Open-air markets are among the few places that still respect the culinary traditions of the past. In fact, on Saturday mornings throughout the year, city squares change color like the leaves on the trees. The market stalls filled with pumpkins, persimmons and chestnuts let them know at a glance that autumn has arrived. It’s the foliage of flavor.

Autumn is the season of steaming risottos, ripe grapes and the fragrant pies that they can finally bake again now that the weather is cooler and they can turn on the oven. Any self-respecting deck of cards carries indelible signs of the chestnuts that were peeled and eaten by card players sitting around a table on those evenings when the desire to stay home and light a fire wins out.

In the Roberto Coin atelier, autumn is the season of rose gold; it reminds them of leaves dangling in the wind and warm sunsets. Roberto Coin’s warm gold is created with a special alloy that adds a captivating orange tone to the classic pink that makes it particularly autumnal.

The looks in the collection warm up. Brilliant gold fills every piece with opulence and sweetness. We can see it in the display windows of their boutiques where they celebrate beauty beginning its rite of preparation for the cold.

There comes a time of year when we need an extra dose of softness to get us through the sharp winter that’s waiting for us, just behind the last leaf left on the tree.

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