Messika jewelry is the perfect accessory to highlight your beautiful tan this summer. Nothing dresses up a silhouette nor affirms your style better than wearing unique and precious diamonds. This summer, have fun with the Messika Jewelry collections and redefine your style while staying feminine and elegant. Messika reveals their tips for a trendy summer season and for selecting shimmering and radiant luxury jewelry that will enhance your outfits and tattoo your ears, wrists and neck with a touch of sparkle.

This is M

Soft & ultra-feminine

Messika Jewelry creations are perfect for enhancing the most classic silhouettes; they will quickly become your new lucky charm this summer. Understated yet elegant, they are perfect for any occasion and add a touch of radiance to those who wear it. Opt for a minimalistic look with our diamond jewelry pieces that you’ll never take off: the Move Uno rings, the Baby Move necklaces in gold or paved with diamonds, the My Twin tie necklace, or even the My First Diamond bracelet would be the perfect companions. These creations will become your summer crush and can be worn with any outfit: during the day with a kimono, a sarong or a casual shorts and t-shirt look, or at night paired with your most elegant evening gown. For a splash of colour, let yourself be seduced by our Lucky Move Color diamond jewelry. Genuine good luck talismans to be worn around the neck, on the finger or the wrist.

Final option? Dare to be different with the Maison’s latest arrival: the My Move leather bracelet. A unisex and customisable jewelry piece that can be adapted to your own desires and to match the colour of your outfit - perfect to subtly illuminate your wrist!

Fashion addict

Playing with layering and stacking is this summer’s fashion trend! A foolproof method that immediately highlights your rebellious rock look. Embracing the style couldn’t be easier! Give free rein to your creativity and affirm your style by creating your own combinations. Stack diamond rings on all your fingers, combining yellow gold, white gold and pink gold. Let yourself be seduced by a thin bangle bracelet or rivière bracelet combined with diamond chain bracelets, or a short necklace paired with multiple long necklaces. Jewelry transforms into precious talismans with a boho-chic twist, forever a summer essential.

The added bonus: you can also mix and match your diamond earrings with one or several clip and stud earrings, or a pair of diamond hoop earrings. Adding a unique touch to your outfits has never been so simple!

Rock & Audacious

True to the trend “The bigger, The better”, Messika’s unique jewelry is the perfect final touch to enhance a more understated look. We love daring pieces whose sparkling diamonds and gold illuminate and style your outfit! Here, we dare to wear only the greatest: Women’s diamond jewelry boasts an assertive character that can be worn on its own, adding a bold finishing touch to your look. Day or night, yellow gold and pink gold warm the complexion. A Move Noa or Move Romane diamond bangle bracelet, a Move 10th long necklace, a Lucky Move Mousqueton choker or XXL hoop earrings from the Lucky Move or My Twin jewelry collections: statement luxury jewelry that defines and enhances your style, perfect for fashion addicts. A sexy allure guaranteed!

Find your Messika diamond for this summer!

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