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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is among the most complicated watches ever conceived and created by Rolex – sharing this venerable position with the Yacht-Master II. However, its complexity does not exist on a l’art pour l’art basis: it combines its ingenious Rolex Manufacture Caliber with remarkable sleek aesthetics and straightforward utility. Today, we take a look at its most formal presentation: in 18K yellow gold, on a black leather strap.

Assertive elegance meets unmatched functionality in the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller is available in a host of model configurations, ranging from a piece with an 18K white gold fluted bezel and Oystersteel case and bracelet, yellow Rolesor, as well as in solid yellow or Everose gold versions, available on gold bracelets or, as seen here, on a rather more formal leather strap option.

The Sky-Dweller, as its name suggests, was designed with world-travelers in mind, and the Sky-Dweller in 18K yellow gold on black leather is certainly for those, who frequently criss-cross continents in sumptuous comfort, surrounded by their beloved and essential tools – nothing more, but also nothing less than they demand. That is where the Sky-Dweller belongs.

The functioning of the Sky-Dweller’s crown is selected via the Rolex Ring Command system of the bezel. By rotating the bezel, it clicks into a total of four different positions, allowing the crown to be used to set the various indications

Equipped with the patented Rolex Ring Command system, the Sky-Dweller allows its wearer to easily adjust the local time and the home time, as well as the date and month indications. The way it works is that the functionality of the crown is selected via the bezel – and although the fluted bezel is thoughtfully left without additional markings or texts, it is fantastically convenient and intuitive to use.

Turn the bezel counterclockwise from its standard position and you will feel, as well as hear a most reassuring click, as it engages into its next position. Apart from its standard setting, there are three additional positions for the bezel to be rotated to, allowing for the selecting of those aforementioned functionalities of the crown. As such, the Sky-Dweller’s crown works in regular fashion: unscrewing it, pulling it out, and rotating it will be setting the hands and discs accordingly.

The off-center 24-hour disc displays home time on the Sky-Dweller – making for an easy-to-read presentation of the exact time in even the furthest time zones

The Sky-Dweller stands out from all the rest because it enables its wearer to access a wide range of beautifully presented information, without having to wear a watch that has multiple crowns or pushers sticking out of it. In other words, it as elegant and as refined a presentation of a world traveler’s watch, as it can possibly be.

The local time is displayed by the main hours, minutes and seconds hands, located in the center of the watch. Home time hours are displayed by the off-center 24-hour disc, that allows for an easy reading of the accurate time of day back at home – the minute hand is synchronized with both the main hour hand, as well as this 24-hour display and so there is no need for a secondary minute display.

The date is indicated by the date aperture located at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, right under Rolex’s trademark and distinctly recognizable cyclops magnification lens, designed for easier reading of the date.

The handset, indices and the hand-applied Rolex Crown are all crafted from solid 18K gold in the color to match that of the case, bezel and folding clasp – in case of this Sky-Dweller, that means 18K yellow gold dial components

The Sky-Dweller features an annual calendar complication and so, last, but definitely not least, its month indication is located at the very periphery of the dial, directly next to the elongated hour indices. The annual calendar enables the Sky-Dweller to display the accurate date at the beginning of every month, as a result of it differentiating 30-day and 31-day months each and every time. The only occasion in a year when the Sky-Dweller’s date indication requires manual adjustment is at the end of February – given the remarkable tactile experience of its Ring Command system, one can rest assured that even this rare occasion will be an absolute treat.

The 43-millimeter-wide 18K yellow gold case of the Sky-Dweller is not only crafted from gold that comes directly from Rolex’s very own gold foundry, but it is also water resistant to a depth of 100 meters – and although that figure might sound excessive, the peculiarities of the Swiss watch industry’s water resistance standards mean that such a rating has to be attained to ensure true peace of mind and real-world durability. The fact that the Oyster case of the Sky-Dweller is not only finished, but also engineered to the highest standards further set it apart in the field of elegant timepieces.

Matched to a black leather strap, the 18K yellow gold Sky-Dweller is as highly elegant, as it is versatile and functional. Utterly unmistakable and irreplaceable

On the wrist, the gentle, yet well-defined lines of the case’s side profile add an elegant frame to the Sky-Dweller, while its fluted 18K yellow gold bezel plays with light in ever-changing, yet ceaselessly spectacular ways. Its white dial makes for ideal legibility and a crisp appearance – in this yellow gold configuration it is also available with a black or a color-coordinated, champagne dial.

On the wrist, the facets of the Sky-Dweller’s fluted 18K yellow gold bezel play with light at the slightest movement of its wearer – a sight to be seen to be fully appreciated

In either setting, the Sky-Dweller is a remarkably capable, equally elegant and absolutely timeless timepiece that is so much more, than the ideal travel companion.

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