Rolex Yacht-Master II
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In 2018, we have presented the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II in Rolesor Oystersteel-yellow gold and 18ct yellow gold variations – it is only right that we now take a closer look at what is certainly one of the rarest variations in the Yacht-Master II collection: an 18ct white gold Oyster bracelet matched to an 18ct white gold case and the special addition of a solid .950 platinum bezel.

On the wrist, the Yacht-Master II charms with ideal legibility, beautiful proportions and outstanding wearing comfort

Let us begin with what renders this edition of the Yacht-Master II unique among all currently produced Rolex timepieces: it is the only Rolex watch that exhibits a combination of an 18ct white gold bracelet and case with a platinum bezel. Notably, the Yacht-Master 40 and Yacht-Master 37 models are available with a platinum bezel, but matched to an Oystersteel bracelet and case.

Fitted an Easy Link extension system, the Yacht-Master II can be adjusted by the wearer on the move, without any tools required, so as to ensure the ideal fit

This variation of the Yacht-Master II is the only piece that comes not with a Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert, but with the precious metal base material of the bezel fully revealed. The bezel is crafted from a solid block of .950 platinum, which is the most difficult-to-craft material in watchmaking.

It is extremely hard, yet malleable, making both the milling, as well as the decoration and different surface treatment processes a true challenge. Rolex produces the Yacht-Master II entirely in-house, including the machining and decoration of the white gold and platinum external components.

A closer look at the platinum bezel reveals polished and raised texts and numerals, complemented by a matte backdrop. The same balancing act between reflective and non-reflective surfaces continue on the dial of this white gold and platinum Yacht-Master II

More specifically, the Yacht-Master II in 18ct white gold and .950 platinum is a stellar example. Its 18ct white gold, three-link Oyster bracelet features brushed outer and polished inner links which beautifully complement the matte and polished elements of its platinum bezel. The same theme continues onto the dial: a matte, yet crisp white dial features polished 18ct white gold hands and indices, as a continuation of this balancing act between highlighted and subdued surfaces.

This combination between the 18 carat white gold case and bracelet with a .950 platinum bezel is unique to this Yacht-Master II among all Rolex timepieces

One watch design is – often subconsciously – deemed superior when it displays perfected balance in its proportions, textures and features. Though difficult to explain, great watch designs that keen eyed watch lovers tend to gravitate towards are exactly those with effortless balance to their exterior elements, shiny and matte surface treatments, uses of colors and shapes.

Though sporty in its yachting inspiration, the Yacht-Master II displays a focus on elegance and lasting appeal, thanks to its clever play with shiny and matte surfaces, as well as its uncompromized focus on functionality and comfort

Perfect balance, just like perfect symmetry, the human mind finds tedious and boring – and so all great designs feature at least some brightening and fun elements. The Yacht-Master II adds dashes of red and blue to its dial, in an effort to create ideal legibility and, admittedly, to spice up the exterior's case study in silver. The regatta chronograph's hands are partially red, and so are some of the markers for the programmable countdown timer, while the chapter ring is blue, both as a nod towards the collection's inseparable link to the world of yachting and as a successful attempt to further liven up the overall aesthetic.

The Yacht-Master II is among the larger timepieces currently produced by Rolex. At 44 millimeters wide, it combines bold aesthetics with unique functionality

To learn more about the bond between Rolex, the Yacht-Master II and yachting, please see our further Yacht-Master articles, about the Yacht-Master 40 here, and the Yacht-Master II in Rolesor and 18ct yellow gold configurations here

We would be delighted to present you the Rolex Yacht-Master collection in our Petite Geneve Petrovic Authorized Rolex boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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