Modern and practical

Messika vision

Almost wearable as the clothes on you, the trend is in modern design. Timeless diamonds. For any occasion.

Free-minded and brave

Used to grow up playing in her father's office, she poured in every detail, learning, surrounded by diamonds. Her father gave her a lot of knowledge so her fate was already written. She finds an inspiration in both high and street fashion. Valerie’s unusual style comes with practical and wearable jewelry.

Urban style with simplicity and taste. It all starts in Valerie's imagination, and next steps will take her team of craftsmen, modelers, jeweler to the higher level. They all work together to create the brand which combines tradition and new tendencies. Everything is in the move like her very first MOVE collection.

Move as an inspiration

As part of a restless spirit, her jewelry tended for its piece of freedom. And freedom comes from the movement. The three movable diamonds symbolise the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Freedom is on the move and it’s dynamic. And a dynamics is the secret of vitality and youth. The movement itself symbolizes the world that changes forever and the inspiration that is inexhaustible. Movement gives us faith and leads us to new paths. Thus, we remain young, curious, inspired and eager to achieve.


Reflection and light dance make you want to play with diamonds. Each one is unique, therefore it requires expertise and processing skills. The craft is something you learn forever, and the diamonds require it from you.


Diamonds can be transparent like water or shaded to a colored. Each has its own significance and purpose. Classic style requires purity and transparency. A creative, and lively spirit tilts toward colors and nuances. But, in both cases, quality is always the choice.

Innovation and the gentle touch

Skill and technique make all the efforts to fit the diamonds to your body so they glide on the surface of your skin. Innovation and genius destroy barriers and serve a purpose. A dream becomes true. The diamonds with ease, always and for any occasion.

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