Tudor Pelagos - Symbol of adventure

Over the years, atelier Tudor has a very special identity that separates them from other brands in the world of luxury timepieces. Famous Swiss manufacturer is lately known for their range of nostalgically designed diver timepieces, with models such as famous Heritage Black Bay. But beyond this beloved timepiece and very popular watch is another model that has made restless waves all on its own.

The Pelagos illustrates that Tudor isn’t just a style brand. It shows the company can make a technical dive watch with professional performance. The Pelagos – even though it has some vintage elements and now comes in a warm blue – is a resolutely modern feeling watch

The Pelagos is Tudor’s highest-end diver, featuring greatest depth rating, top-notch materials, and in the new version it also features Tudor’s first in-house movement - the MT5612. Meet Tudor Pelagos, an outstanding dive watch ready to accompany you in any adventure.

Symbiosis between style and function

The Tudor Pelagos is now in its second iteration and the latest version proudly echoes Tudor heritage. Design-wise, the watch displays classic Tudor aesthetics - bezels in black or blue and pristine titanium case and bracelet.

The blue Pelagos also has historic connotations, as the snowflake hands that it is inspired by glorious past. The face matches the matte blue finish of the bezel which gives the latest Pelagos an unforgettable and unique appearance

For a diver watch, which is essentially a sports watch, the Pelagos has much refinement and sophistication to dazzle any watch collector.

As magnificent example of a tool watch and symbol of everlasting adventure, the Pelagos is one of the most complete mechanical divers’ watches available today. Waterproof to 500 metres, Pelagos is equipped with a helium escape valve, an essential device for preserving the watch during challenging saturation dives.

The Pelagos also stands out with its titanium bracelet. One of the features of the Pelagos that Tudor is proud of is the auto-adjusting bracelet that increases comfort whilst diving by increasing and decreasing in size in response to the pressure.

Impressive legibility, in all conditions

The hour hand has a distinctive square form, allowing it to be easily distinguishable from the minute hand. Whether you’re glancing at it during the day or interpret the time on a deep sea dive, you won’t have an issue seeing markers.

One of the most necessary parts of a great dive watch is the luminescence, and the Tudor Pelagos is equipped with SuperLumiNova, providing the best and brightest reading light technology.

Both the ceramic disc of the titanium unidirectional rotating bezel and the snowflake hands are equipped with this lume.

The 42mm case is intriguing not merely because of the bezel, but also its composition. It is one of very few cases that quite seamlessly integrates three different materials. The bezel insert is ceramic, while the middle case is crafted from titanium. The back, however, is stainless steel

Precision and reliability: calibre MT5612

The Pelagos
is powered with the new Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5612 movement, providing impressive autonomy. Its power reserve of approximately 70 hours means that its wearer can, for example, take off the watch on Friday evening and put it on again on Monday morning without having to wind it.

The Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5612 movement allows you to have impressive autonomy. The power reserve can last for seventy hours. That is an entire weekend of not having to wind up your watch. This movement tracks the second, minute, and hour functions perfectly, as well as the date display which is positioned at 3 o’clock

In addition to the hour, minute and central second functions, it provides an instant date display visible through an aperture positioned at 3 o’clock. Its self-winding system is bidirectional and the movement is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

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