Tudor Pelagos LHD

Diving in Style

The concept of the left-handed watch isn’t new to Tudor. Pelagos LHD is a actually a nod to the past, paying a tribute to watch made for the French navy in the 60s. The obvious difference between the LHD and previous versions of the Pelagos was putting the crown on the left side - the Pelagos LHD is essentially meant for left-hand enthusiasts. But this wasn’t the only difference, as Tudor also changed some colors and details, giving the watch a more refined and stylish appearance comparing to its siblings.

For the first time each model has a unique production number masterly engraved in a large Arabic numerals on the caseback

The choise of professionals - a sleek wristwatch for adventurers

Apart from the aesthetic differences, it is still a beloved Pelagos with a titanium case and a steel caseback, solid ceramic bezel, 500 meters of water resistance and the impeccable in-house movement. It’s Tudor’s most legitimate tool watch, with serious performance and utilitarian aesthetic.

The Pelagos illustrates that Tudor isn’t just a style brand. It shows that the Tudorcan make a technical dive watch with professional specifications.

The waterproofness of the Pelagos model is guaranteed up to 500 metres and has been systematically tested to 125% of its capacity, that is, to 625 metres

Cased in titanium - light and very resistant to the corrosion caused by seawater

The case of the Pelagos LHD features the same design as the classic model, with crown on the opposite side. The light titanium case is larger than Tudor’s Black Bay collection, but not overly big, still wearing comfortable. The use of titanium without any doubt helps, bringing the weight down a bit and preventing it from feeling too massive.One of the unique features of the Pelagos LHD is the use of a durable ceramic bezel insert that has matte finish. The ceramic insert has the qualities that make the material desirable scratch and fade-resistance. For the LHD, the color of the luminous point is a warm beige instead of the intensive white. On the LHD, you will find a unique finesse, which is the serial number on the watch. This is the first Tudor to do so, which could add its collectability status in the future.

In a celebration of its past, Tudor has released the Pelagos LHD - a cool, rugged diver’s watch with a very unique feature: a left-handed crown

True beauty lies in details

The Pelagos LHD dial is very useful, legible, and also excellently designed for visibility as a dive watch. The surface is a matte black and features a raised chapter ring of the same finish. On the lower surface you’ll find the characteristic “Snowflake” markers, a triangle at 12, long rectangles at six and nine, and small squares for the other hours. For the LHD, the markers are a beige color, matching the bezel insert. This small detail has a large visual impact and gives the watch an overall warmer, more vintage feel than the other models. For the Pelagos LHD, Tudor designers choose something really exceptional – they use a very intriguing “roulette” date showcase, meaning that the numbers alternate between black and red colour - which certainly adds character to the design. Also, matching red Pelagos inscription creates a nice visual identity on the dial.

Pelagos in bright red on the dial recall memories of all those unforgettable “red letter” Tudor and Rolex watches usedin the glory days of the 20th century

Ingenious design – patented self-adjusting buckle

Titanium is light and only 60% of the weight of stainless steel for the same volume. It is also very resistant to the corrosion caused by seawater

The Pelagos model is also characterised by its titanium bracelet with a steel folding clasp equipped with a sprung self-adjustment mechanism patented exclusively by Tudor. This ingenious system enables the automatic adjustment of the bracelet when diving, by contracting when the diving suit is subjected to compression at depth, thus reducing thickness and, conversely, by expanding when the pressure lessens as the diver comes back up again. An additional black rubber strap with an extension link is also included, so the watch can be worn with all types of diving suit.

Impressive performance: 500 meters of water resistance and 70 hours of power reserve

The piece is based on watches made for the French Navy in the 1960s, so it’s not a new technology for the brand - it’s surely handsome contemporary makeover

The movement is chronometer rated - COSC speaks for itself. Inside is the Tudor MT5612-LHD, which is a modified version of the MT5612 that you’ll find in the other Pelagos models. The difference here is that the winding stem is on the left, the date wheel is roulette. Movement itself is a 26-jewel automatic with instant date change and 70 hours of power reserve. The waterproofness of the Pelagos model is guaranteed up to 500 meters and has been systematically tested to 125% of its capacity, that is, to 625 metres. This extreme waterproofness is coupled with an automatic helium escape valve, an essential device designed to safeguard the watch during “saturation” dives.

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