Tudor Pelagos

A charming and reliable wrist companion

Inspired by the Greek word pelagós - meaning “sea”, the Pelagos is a dive watch featuring a light-weight, brushed titanium case and bracelet. This version contains an impressive movement of the highest grade, an integrated helium-release valve, a flat sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel inlay with highly integrated lume.

The Tudor Pelagos is the brand's top of the line titanium, incredibly lightweight and durable material, dive watch that was built to withstand the rigors of the sea

Rated to 500m and entirely in titanium, the Pelagos was first introduced at Baselworld 2012, but he recently received a major upgrade with Tudor’s renowned in-house movement, the MT5612. That makes a good watch even better. The watch is also a great example of how to interpret one of the most iconic watch designs, in use more than 60 years, for a modern audience. Meet precision and luxury tied together in one dynamic timepiece crafted from top-notch materials, Tudor Pelagos. A new legacy has dawned.

Excellent legibility for underwater adventure

It became popular during the golden 60s and 70s, Tudor diver’s watch is closely tied to its intensive use by underwater professionals, particularly by world’s major navies. The brand’s diving collection are authentic tool watches, meant for real use, rather than

just mere display.

Tudor’s calibre MT5612, ticks inside, with a hairspring that is immune to magnetic influence and a power reserve for 70 hours allows to enjoy in sporty elegance

Bearing its past tradition, the Pelagos lives up to its name and remains one of the most popular divers’ watches available today. Scuba diving calls for a fairly specific feature set: water-resistant case, screw-down crown and case back, good illumination and a way to track elapsed time. Tudor Pelagos mastered them all. It’s mighty cocktail of saltwater qualifications starts with the titanium case.

Mix of contemporary and vintage: Titanium case and signature snowflake hands

It’s no secret that Tudor has constantly looked to combine both the past and present in the collection. Sized at 42 mm, the Tudor Pelagos is cased in titanium. Titanium weighs approximately 60% the weight of steel and also delivers great resistance to corrosion by seawater.

The high-contrast dial, 500m water resistance, screw-in crown, crown guard, helium escape valve, unidirectional ceramic bezel are all features that complete a dive watch checklist

Apart from the main case and bracelet, the bezel is also made of titanium and houses a vibrant blue or classic black matt ceramic disc. It is a unidirectional bezel fitted with luminous markers for better readability in low light conditions.

Also, the watch is fitted with a helium escape valve. The helium escape valve allows the gas to escape freely from the watch without damaging it and it also accounts for the overpressure, avoiding any watch damage to the watch.

Power of diversity: Originally available only in black, also available with blue dial, the second generation sees the addition of a lefthanded version. The lengthy text is also reminiscent of vintage Tudor and Rolex Submariners

The Pelagos is resolutely modern, though it does have hints of vintage Tudor design. Tudor aficionados will recognize the historic “snowflake” hour hand design. The hands of the Pelagos, particularly the hour hand with its characteristic square tip, allow the wearer to distinguish it from the minute hand, at a glance. Tudor Pelagos is also available in a “left-handed” version, with left crown, cream indexes and red inscription.

The true spirit of diving with beloved style, from a diving to a traditional business suit

Titanium bracelet features a unique auto-adjustable spring mechanism. This system allows the bracelet to be adjusted during the dive, contracting when the combination is compressed at greater depths, and expanding when the pressure decreases again during the diver’s return to the surface. This means it will always be the perfect fit, whether you’re wearing it over your wetsuit, or with your work suit.

Alternatively, you also get a rubber strap with an additional extension making it easily adjustable for all diving conditions.

Entirely titanium, rated to 500m and equipped with a patented, self-adjusting clasp, the Pelagos is one of the most spectacular watches ever made by Tudor.

And the MT5612 is also fitted with a non-magnetic silicon hairspring, ensuring it is not affected by magnetism or temperature changes. But its most practical feature is the instantaneous date display that can be set at any time. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

In addition to the hour, minute and central second functions, it provides an instant date display visible through an aperture positioned at 3 o’clock. The lume on the dial of the Pelagos is incredibly strong, and tinted blue.

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