Rolex Sky-Dweller
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In early June we have discussed the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in great details. Today we look at one of the latest and, perhaps it is no stretch to say, hottest version of this masterful piece: the Sky-Dweller in all-Everose gold, with a Dark Rhodium dial.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in 18ct Everose gold is a watch you sometimes just have to take it off the wrist to admire it in yet newer, different ways

The sheen of Everose gold creates a playful combination between the natural yellow tone of gold with more or less distinct hints of rose, red and perhaps even purple. Depending on the type of light that meets it – soft or hard light, as photographers refer to it, warm or cold in color temperature, Rolex's proprietary alloy of 18ct Everose gold will glisten back at you in ways you'll not see any other material ever come close to replicating.

The Sky-Dweller is a massive, substantially sized piece within the world of Rolex watches, coming in a 42mm wide, 100 meter water resistant Oyster case. Matched to a fluted bezel in Everose gold, the endlessly variable reflections of the bezel help the human eye see a perfect transition from gold case into Rhodium grey dial. This is achieved by the fluted bezel's individual facets sometimes appearing in the color of Everose gold, sometimes reflecting a vivid color in their environment, and some other times appearing completely dark.This play between reflections and shadows create a flawless transition between the solid, polished gold case and the Dark Rhodium grey dial.

The new-for-2018 Rhodium Grey dial further enhances legibility and highlights the many unique hues of Rolex's proprietary Everose gold precious alloy

Speaking of the dial: this new-for-2018 dial option on all-gold Sky-Dweller models introduces enlarged baton indices with yet greater luminescent surfaces for further improved legibility day in or out. Set alight by two little hints of red – in the red triangle of the 24-hour display of the second time zone and in the active month indicator window on the very periphery of the dial, the grey dial makes for a remarkable counterpart of the Everose exterior.

Elegance meets a unique set of features in the Sky-Dweller – protected by 11 to 14 patents, depending on the version

Why? Because the grey dial, while highly legible and functional to its last detail, remains rather subdued and restrained, allowing the 18ct Everose gold case, bezel, crown and bracelet to really shine. Glancing at this particular variant of the astonishing Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller means two things: receiving all the information you require from the watch with great ease and admiring the outstanding craftsmanship, glow and diversity of a Rolex watch crafted from this unique and precious alloy.

Fitted with the triple-link Oyster bracelet, also in Everose gold, the Sky-Dweller sits securely and with a reassuring weight on the wrist. The links move with ease to allow for great wearing comfort throughout the day, while the Oysterclasp clasp – also in Everose gold –has a 5-millimeter Easylink extension integrated into it to allow for fine-tuning of the bracelet's fit.

Annual calendar, two time zones, hidden Rolex Ring Command functionality and stunning aesthetics – that's the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in Everose gold on the wrist

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller looks and feels great in all of its numerous variations – but in Everose gold, it is true that it makes for one deeply impressive and timeless watch, ready to be worn for years and decades to come.

You may discover the Sky-Dweller in Everose gold and other materials in the Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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