Rolex Datejust: Wrist watch of all time

Datejust collection is one of the unforgettable Rolex symbols. According to many expert opinions as the most significant piece of  Rolex history, the Datejust is the basic value of the company -  classic and elegant, with extraordinary reliability and legendary weatherproofing enclosure - it is a watch that marked an era.

Rolex Datejust 1947 – first edition

Introduced in 1945, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust is one of the few models that defined quality standards. Timeless and classical design with only three hands and date window over the years has evolved discreetly, carefully finding inspiration in the rich heritage. As one of the most significant changes we will mention the introduction of Cyclops magnifier glass on display date, and is traditionally diameter casing over the years ranged from 36 to 41 millimeters. The combination of subtle dials and prestigious materials with the certified self-winding chronometer  contributed that Datejust entered the history of watchmaking and at the same time the history of popular culture. Today, Datejust in contemporary form continues a unique tradition and watchmaking skills, a timeless Rolex legacy.

Rolex Datejust 1950 in gold with jubilee bracelet
Rolex Datejust 1950 two tones
Rolex Datejust 1958 White gold, with cyclops and fluted bezel
Rolex Datejust 1967 Gold – by Cartier
Rolex Datejust 1979 OysterQuartz Steel
Rolex Datejust Two Tones, certainly the less collectible
A modern 2012 edition of the 41mm Datejust 2

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