Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight
"Navy Blue"

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An aristocratic timepiece with a blue-blooded character

TUDOR’s tradition of creating unique diving timepieces dates back in 1958. Named after that historical year, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” is the last inheritor of an extremely popular collection that proved to be as performing in challenging conditions as in the high tempo of everyday's life.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight „Navy Blue”

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” combines a classic style with the expertise of modern watchmaking

The navy blue color irresistibly reminds of the mysteries of the deep sea while symbolizing an unmistakable elegance. TUDOR’s special bond with the navy blue color starts back in 1969, when the brand introduced a diving model with a blue dial and bezel.

This shade became so recognizable – in particular amongst the sailors of the French Navy who adopted TUDOR watches in the 1970s – that watch enthusiasts call it today the “TUDOR Blue”.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight „Navy Blue”

The authentic navy blue color emphasizes a special charisma and unique style. This exclusive shade can be also seen on the “soft touch” strap, made of flannel-like material

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” naturally showcases the TUDOR blue color, and combines it with all the charisma and extraordinary characteristics of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight series. The result is a timepiece that is primarily designed for the underwater enthusiasts and has at the same time all the requisites to rise to all challenges of life.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight „Navy Blue”

Choose between three different styles - a stainless steel bracelet, a blue “soft touch” strap or a canvas strap woven with the Jacquard technique

Designed for high performance

Because it was designed for professional divers, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” is waterproof up to 200 meters and keeps being readable even in the most demanding environments. The recognizable hands as well as the markers are filled with a luminous substance, in order to ensure flawless visibility.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight „Navy Blue”

Although the TUDOR “Navy Blue” showcases a new color combination, this slight change completely transforms the style of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight model. The shade of blue specially selected for the dial and ring evokes the original aesthetics of the legendary TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner watch

Hidden behind the closed back of the 39mm steel case, the MT5402 caliber of the “Navy Blue” timepiece is a COSC certified mechanism that operates at a frequency of 4Hz and offers a three-days power reserve. This means you can leave your timepiece to rest over the weekend and wear it back on Monday morning: it will be ready for a new challenging week, without any need to re-wind it.

Unique in its design

In the spirit of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight collection, the case is covered with a rounded crystal glass with an anti-reflective layer, surrounded by a one-way rotating aluminium ring. In comparison to the other models of the collection, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” features a stunning navy blue ring with a matte effect, accentuated by the silver shade of the triangular marker in the 12-hour position.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight „Navy Blue”

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” is characterized by unique details, such as the distinctive snowflake-shaped hands and the dominant crown. This redesigned model is recognizable by its blue dial and bezel

We would be delighted to show you this truly unique model, created for the elegant adventurers alike, in our Petite Genève Petrović boutiques.


Black Bay Fifty-Eight

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Black Bay Fifty-Eight

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