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"Once upon a time there was a princess..." The holiday season is a time of magic, a time that brings us back to memories of an enchanted childhood. It is also an opportunity to shine together with the people we love and to remind them how precious and magical their presence is to us.

As the holidays approach, Petite Genève Petrović invites you on a fascinating journey into the world of Roberto Coin's creations. These will make your loved one feel like a princess on every occasion, whether during the Christmas Eve, a romantic trip or a business party.

Let the holiday magic start

Diamond Princess earrings, white gold & diamonds €3’340, €1’750

The Diamond Princess line is an invitation to a romantic trip to a distant kingdom.

The flower-shaped jewelry creations, embellished with diamonds, remind of the classic aesthetics of majestic fairy tales, yet with a touch of fantasy that brings out an unmistakable modernity.

Minimalist and contemporary at the same time, the Love in Verona collection reveals romantic emotions.

Express your affection with a gift inspired by the eternal love of Romeo and Juliet.

Love in Verona necklace, rose gold & black and white diamonds €2’670

With its blend of diamonds and gold and its baroque charm, Palazzo Ducale recalls the splendor of the Doge's Palace, Venice’s most renowned and magnificent residence. What about bringing the magic of this dream city under your Christmas tree?

Pois Moi necklace, white gold & diamonds €5’350

Add a touch of playfulness and elegance to your holiday celebrations.

The Pois Moi collection, an icon of the brand, combines a vintage design inspired by the 1930s and 1960s with a contemporary and original style.

Influenced by the glam rock scene of the 80's and 90's, the unique jewelry creations from the Rock & Diamonds collection are the perfect holiday gift for ladies who exude confidence and elegance, and are not afraid to establish their own high fashion rules.

Rock & Diamonds necklace, rose gold & black diamonds €3’060
Rock & Diamonds necklace, rose gold & white diamonds €3’310

What piece of jewelry will you offer to your loved ones? We would be delighted to show you the Roberto Coin collection in our Petite Geneve Petrović Boutique in Belgrade.

Roberto Coin

Pois Moi necklace

Ref: ADR888CL1169

Retail price: 5'350 EUR

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Pois Moi necklace

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