Roberto Coin CENTO diamond

A symbol of perfection

Named after the Italian word for one hundred, symbolizing perfection and completion, Roberto Coin has created the mesmerising CENTO diamond with 100 facets. The light it radiated from within was like none that had ever been seen before.

With unique fire and brilliance, the Cento diamonds add an unparalleled sparkle to every jewellery creation.

Roberto Coin bracelet in yellow gold set with diamonds, 1.75 carats

Making history: a quest for perfection

Roberto Coin ring in yellow gold, with a 0.77 carat CENTO diamond

For the first time in history, after years of research and experimentation with the best experts and craftsmen in the field, a diamond was masterfully cut with 100 facets instead of the typical 57.

The selection of Roberto Coin is uncompromising: only the diamonds whose color and purity make them the most precious and rare are chosen to become CENTO diamonds. Their infinite brilliance must demonstrate the magic of nature and perfection of craftsmanship.

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