Every story has its own spring. It’s not just a figurative event related to life or the season of the year.

Spring is a concept – the season of beginning again.

Meadows that become a brilliant green again and trees that turn into clouds of color are the ever-changing backgrounds of volatile landscapes.

You can feel the warmth of the sun on your back as the light ushers out the winter and welcomes the beginning of spring.

The days become long, darkness never seems to come and there is so much to experience! We have plenty of time for our adventures.

Roberto Coin could only have chosen Princess Flower to represent the restarting of nature and of people in seasons of blooming flowers. Each jewel is a marvel with four petals covered in gold and diamonds, with a pure light that brightens the look of the one who wears it.

These flowers, the brand’s absolute best sellers in the world, go beyond the meaning of an accessory to become an attitude of style.

Princess Flower mother of pearl earrings

EUR 3'060

The Princess Flower turquoise jewels are by far the most playful in Roberto Coin atelier. It is a first choice for summer. They’re a refreshing alternative to the white of mother-of-pearl and are more relaxing than the mystery of black jade.

It is true that all colors are beautiful and that each one of them can represent a feature of our character and the facets of a story. But only light blue and a very few others can be icons of our emotions, colors that appear clearly in our imagination when we want to convey feelings with words.

Light blue is the color we imagine when we feel cheerfulness, lightheartedness and that healthy desire for fun that ignites us.

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