In his new global campaign, Roberto Coin transports us back into the Mediterranean atmosphere he introduced us to in his last two still life campaigns.

The stars of this new journey are the jewels from the Princess Flower, Venetian Princess, Art Deco, Navarra and Love in Verona collections – a combination of the brand’s most iconic designs and highly innovative styles tied to the world of art and architecture.

The play of shadows and lights becomes essential in these shots. In fact, the jewels open in the direct sunlight and close in the shade created by nature and architecture in various moments throughout the day. The elegance is extremely refined and never loud; it’s always relaxed and alive in its constant dialogue with the elements that surround it.

Roberto Coin succeeds in immersing us in an imaginary environment that combines our senses and our emotions, where jewelry isn’t meant to dominate the scene, but rather to emphasize its beauty, making it much more than simply something to look at. Beauty is alive and free; something to be breathed in.

Each image narrates Roberto Coin’s mission, which has always been to create jewelry that ignites the uniqueness of every woman and that shines a light on her different features and her singular, dynamic identity, all of which are also made up of precious shadows, as well as of lights.

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