The wonderful journey across Italy inspired by Roberto Coin begins in Vicenza. It is here, in the city made unique by Palladio’s 16th-century architectural genius, that the company’s beating heart lies.

In the city of Piazza dei Signori with its palaces, the Basilica Palladiana and the Teatro Olimpico, inspiration and craftsmanship are intertwined: a history that gives life to jewelry steeped in art, savoir-faire, history and shining beauty.

This journey continues to the discovery of Verona, to which Roberto Coin has dedicated the iconic Love in Verona jewelry collection.

Delicate, luminous, elegant, the collection gracefully reinterprets the power of emotions unleashed by the magical places of the City of Love: from Piazza Bra to the Arena, from Juliet’s house to Piazza delle Erbe and Torre dei Lamberti, from the Arche Scaligere to Porta Borsari to the Cathedral.

And here we are at last in Venice: Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Basilica, Rialto Bridge are just a few among the marvels on which the traveler can rest his incredulous eyes.

But the Doge’s Palace in St. Mark’s Square is the favorite source of inspiration for Roberto Coin, who was born in Venice and always returns there in search of new stories to tell. Palazzo Ducale and Venetian Princess are the two collections that evoke the splendor of the majestic palace of the Serenissima Republic.

It is a journey made of sumptuousness and simplicity together, of creative impulses that find in art a pure, refined and astonishing synthesis, and that could only culminate in the Eternal City.

Roberto Coin’s craftsmanship is expressed to the fullest in the jewels from the Roman Barocco collection. Here, thanks to an invisible and masterful setting, diamonds and gold create a play of light and shadow that evokes the chiaroscuro effect of Rome’s palaces.

In the dialogue between architecture and the art of jewelry the most beautiful masterpieces have been created ever since, in a mutual cross-reference destined to last forever.

Discover Italy through the magic of Roberto Coin jewelry!

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