The magic of creation

The path of inheritance and inspiration from father to daughter brings a responsibility with it. Valérie Messika, received a love for jewelry, a craft, and a talent from her father, André Messika. Her desire to design the line of jewelry promises the brand will continue to talk its story for a long time to come.


The beginning of creativity is a vision. The creativity has a desire for life itself. It requests from the artist to be transmitted on paper in the form of a draft. The drafts are being reduced to dozens and dozens, perfecting themselves as the natural course of evolution. Finally, the draft is approved for modeling.


Reviving the vision is neither fast nor easy. The team is regularly consulted about every step of creation. Everyone is a professional in a certain field. But they all have the same goal. The team consists of artists such as designers, modelers, craftsmen, jewelers. Together they shape a piece that will adhere to your skin when the right moment comes.

Support life

A piece of precious metal is shaped by jeweler. In order to create a stronger connection between the created elements, the jeweler meticulously finishes the assembly of the final structure with a welding torch. However, Messika models have a very original design. Many pieces have incredible flexibility and dynamics, although it's a precious metal. Mastering is achieving such an effect of movement and dynamics in jewel crafting.

Sparks of light

The high gloss effect of diamonds is achieved by working in several phases. The diamonds are polished to their full shine mechanically. The mechanism polishes every gem up to 50 times. At the moment when dance of light reaches its perfection on the surface of the jewel, the diamond as we know it is born.

Final act of realization

At the final stage, diamonds are placed on the already prepared construction. For each diamond, it takes an hour of positioning. One fascinating piece of jewelry is being created per 500 hours of precision work.

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