Femininity on a pedestal

Woman according to Valérie Messika

Her deep conviction is that women should look up to diamonds. She's the family pillar. And when life is difficult, the diamond reminds you it was not an easy process to become what it is today.


A role model for many. The one we admire, the ones we look at. The one who provides guidance, point out the way women should go. She is the light in the dark when we get lost. That's why diamonds fit her well. They reflect light, carry it on and illuminate the path. The Key symbolism is in their eternity, and almost indestructible.

Messika jewelry is comprised of 4 basic collections, designed by Valerie. The first one and the symbolic one is the MOVE collection.

There are the three diamonds in every piece of jewelry. The moving diamonds.


Often, in Messika collection, simple lines with an accent on diamonds are common. The inspiration is, as Valerie says, a snake as a creature that fascinates her. Not only the less is more, but there is one more message – the right solutions are always the simplest ones.

The goal of Messika jewelry are wearable and light pieces. To adhere to the skin as a fabric. Valerie wanted women to use diamonds more often, therefore her diamonds are easy to wear.


A strong self-confident woman, who steps forward to meet her dreams. This brand addresses the women who have changed the world, being a role model and strength for many. With an irrational spirit, who don't take NO for an answer. Also, they’re demanding first to themselves. So, they’re determined to move the borders. Epic courage of the Amazons inspires a modern woman.

Although one of the main inspirations is Marilyn Monroe, among the many celebrities of today who wear Messika pieces on the red carpet, are Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and many others.


The lace construction of many Messika models combines strength and grace, determination and gentleness. Perfection is in the union of all what’s necessary to adorn the female spirit and shape the fate of a woman.

Whether her power is gaining or benefiting her, it's an eternal question. But the answer is clear. The path she walks is necessary for her.

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