Even memories have their own armocromia. This valued game of color analysis uses the characteristics of a person’s natural beauty to identify the colors that best emphasize that beauty. It also applies well to the world of memories.

Have you ever noticed how memories take on colors different from their real ones when we look at them through the lens of our memory? It’s almost as if an experienced director is choosing which light to use to illuminate them, intent on narrating more the sense of what happened than the happenings themselves.

The director of our souls uses this specific technique to govern the palette of our memories. Roberto Coin used the same rules to design the colorful version of Venetian Princess. Tied to his city of origin, Venice, Venetian Princess narrates the memories of the city that inspire the brand’s designs.

Reflecting on the armocromia of memories and on Venetian Princess, we realized that happy memories, the ones associated with abundance, are almost always rich in green.

Venetian Princess green malachite - Soft spring

So, full speed ahead to Venetian Princess decorated with malachite, because its Venetian petals are memories of joy – memories of prosperity that speak of green, blossoming horizons.

Together with yellow, green is the color that speaks of joy, of “life outside” – those elements that we encounter outdoors and that our subconscious recognizes as happy and fortunate.

Then we took the jewelry of Venetian Princess with lapis lazuli in hand. Lapis lazuli isn’t just blue – it’s the deepest blue imaginable, as if it’s a color made of water with no room for air in it, and we all know how much water represents the profoundness of our subconscious and the watery depths of our feelings.


Where everything is an emotion – vibrations of pleasure and fear, memories of moments that left their mark. Blue is the color of memories associated with relationships, because we humans experience emotions when we come into contact with others, through relationships that bind us or separate us, some of which we choose and some of which we endure.

But that makes blue seem sad and it’s not, because who of us would give up savoring the emotions we experience with the people we love?

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