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About diamonds

The formation of this precious stone

99.95% carbon

Diamond is a stone created from only one element.

On the one hand it is full of exalted simplicity due to the fact that it contains 99.95% of carbon, and on the other hand, has an unusual beauty, since the remaining 0.05% makes one or more trace elements. The real truth is that those trace elements can affect color, but also the crystal itself.

Formation of diamonds

The identity of minerals is best described by the way it is formed. The diamond is created in conditions of high temperature and pressure that exist only underground at a certain depth, more precisely, at about 160 kilometers below the ground. The crystal structure of the diamond itself is isometric due to the carbon atoms that are essentially bonded in this mineral in the same way in all directions.


Beside diamond, there is another mineral - graphite, which is also composed exclusively of carbon, but in relation to the diamond, the process of its formation and the crystal structure are quite different.

The graphite is so soft that it can be written with it, while the diamond is so hard that it can be damaged only by other diamonds.

The rough diamonds

Тhе rough diamonds most often have the form of octahedrons, which means they look like two connected pyramids. Crystals of almost perfect shape are called ”glassy”.

Without all of those mentioned characteristics, the diamond would be just another mineral in the empire of minerals, not the emperor itself. Luckily, that special combination of chemical composition, crystal structure and specific formation process gives the diamond a quality that makes it exceptional and unique.

More then gemstone

On almost all modern lists that tell a story about connection between gemstone and birth month, it is believed that the diamond corresponds to those people who are born in April. Also, with diamond, 60th and 75th anniversaries of marriage can be marked.

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