Rolex President bracelet

Iconic, noble, timeless, beautifully made and sublimely comfortable. If one had to, one could briefly summarize the Rolex President bracelet with those attributes – even if those, along with a host of other superlatives, arguably will never suffice to grasp the splendor of this classic watch bracelet.

Named after and in fact by world leaders shortly after its debut in 1956, the Rolex President, sometimes called "Rolex Presidential" has become The Watch to wear for some of the most powerful figures in modern history. It has adorned the wrist of many, radiating class, style and elegance of the kind that is impossible to emulate or replicate. Matched to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 and Day-Date 40, as well as some select Lady-Datejust models in precious metal, it is this triple-link bracelet that Rolex has officially named President – and not the Day-Date watch itself.

Named by–and after–some of the most prominent world leaders of the 1950s and 1960s, the Rolex President is an inimitable look forever associated with style, power and elegance

The President bracelet works in numerous, rather complex ways. For one, it fulfillsa functional, rather self-explanatoryrole, as a watch bracelet of stellar design, securing the 18ct gold or 950 platinum Rolex Day-Date 36 or Day-Date 40 watch head to the wearer's wrist. It is on from here that things get rather more complicated.

In 2015, with the introduction of the Rolex Day-Date 40, the latest generation of Day-Date timepieces, Rolex has redesigned not only the Oyster case, dial and bezel, but also the way the President bracelet – now the only choice of bracelet on the Day-Date – meets the case between the lugs. A more closely integrated design has been achieved so as to render their coming together appear that much more distinct, effortless and natural.

The contrast between the different surface treatments on the Day-Date 40 and its President bracelet are as defined as they are refined. Brushed outer and polished inner links on the bracelet make for one alternation, the round shape of the links and the edges of the fluted bezel make for another

It really is marvelous to see how the semi-circular links, like dew drops, follow in close succession, leading to the watch head at one end, and around the wearer's wrist at the other. The bracelet exhibits finishing and decoration techniques a watch of this pedigree deserves. The curved top surfaces of the outer, smaller links have been gently brushed in a vertical orientation, whereas their sides, and not only those, but even the screw-heads within have been polished to a high, glossy sheen. The same goes for the wider, equally curvaceous inside links: a deep, radiant glow is emitted by these center links, further expanding the visual and technical complexity of the Rolex President bracelet and, as such, that of the Day-Date 40 itself.

The concealed Crownclasp is like no other. Its restrained and ingenious design make it the only suitable clasp for the Rolex President bracelet

With the most recent update to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and its President bracelet, the bracelet now features ceramic inserts inside the links, enhancing its suppleness and durability. Also updated is the concealed Crownclasp, the most discreet clasp probably ever engineered into a precious metal bracelet. It is just an 18ct gold – or 950 platinum – Rolex Crown that indicates its location and allows for it to function with ease.

Produced in Rolex's own gold foundry, the 18ct gold for every President bracelet was developed, manufactured and decorated in the finest ways to render it a suitable match to the iconic Day-Date collection

Available in 18ct Everose gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, or 950 platinum, the Rolex President bracelet was originally designed, and tirelessly refined to be utterly uncompromising in its style and wearing comfort, and to stand above the passing of time and come-and-go trends. Beautifully executed exclusively from precious metals, the Rolex President bracelet is reserved for the Day-Date and select Lady-Datejust timepieces.

For a personal viewing and assessment of all that is the Rolex President, please visit our Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade, or Porto Montenegro.

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