Messika – Collection Joy

An irresistible magnetism

French jewellery designer Valérie Messika has a gift that few possess: she has made the world’s most valuable gemstone, fashionable and very wearable. Elegant and refined, Messika pieces highlight the womens beauty with effortless glitter and style. The birth of every new jewelry collection is a true romantic story, because each one Messika jewel is made in-house, in atelier looking out over the rooftops of Paris. A jewelry from Joy collection are no exception - they embodies your emotions instantly to your loved one. Seductive and enchanting, the Joy lineup is majestic and intriguing, eager to express woman sensuality. All eyes stop to admire her, naturally attracted by magnetic beauty.

A Joy collection celebrate life and its dearest moments with brilliance. The clean aesthetics enhance their unique allure, distinguishing the craftsmanship of the gold inset with shimmering diamonds

It's the giving season: celebrate the most precious moments in your life with the Joy collection

In adorable diamond creations Messika atelier makse every sparkle unffotgetable. On this model, the stone is carefully selected for its harmonious proportions and the nice symmetry

Highly respected jewelry house, with an international reputation for excellence, presents Joy – elegant selection which offers the perfect gift for confident, but also gentle, feminine woman. An anniversary, a birth, an advancement, all these moments marks unforgettable milestones in life. It is a perfect time to meet Joy, the jewelry line which will complete the dearest moments of your lifetime. Characterised by a captivating and modern design, Joy jewellery is the maximum expression of subtle and refined contemporary taste. The jewels of the Joy collection are also the guardians of the point where tradition and contemporary design meet.

Inspired by the glorious heritage, they promote the traditional savoir-faire of Messika’s artistry into a modern style. Messika Joy collection with bespoke sense of proportion instinctively brought together luxury and casual style.

The true Parisian style: Messika Joy is the incarnation of modern luxury

Joy collection is the latest evolution of the Messika art and craftsmanship; the most poetic unity of gold and diamonds in a lineup proposed in white, yellow and rose gold. Once the symbol of nobility, spark of the diamionds took collosal step forward toward modernisation. Mixing gold and diamonds is a all-time combination that adapts to many styles and variations, for a enduring and amazing look. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in yellow, white, and pink gold complete a collection with refined creativity: designed for the modern lady in mind, Messika Joy jewellery elevates you above the usual and avarage.

These pieces are created to enhance the beauty of romantic and confident woman.Dynamic, modern and glamourous: the Messika Joy expresses a style that sets the woman apart from everyone else

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