Messika Move Noa

Simply irresistible

When craftsmanship and exclusive material come together, that is when timeless beauty really starts to impress. And then, Messika Move Noa is absolutely ready to conquer your heart.

Live by your own rules: Move Noa ring is perfect to mark a precious moments. It can be worn like a refined fashion or wedding ring, between modernity and tradition - € 2'780

Characterized by a ribbon of gold with three diamonds in motion, the Move Noa collection brings together many of the iconic features of the classic Move family to create pieces that boast a modern elegance.

Absolutely feminine: the discreet elegance, enhanced by three sparkling diamonds in motion creates a timeless style - € 2'780 - € 7'990

Made to be seen: a blend of luxury materials and seductive design

Enter a world of wondrous Move Noa creations. Gold, the most favored material in jewelry production will seduce you with its natural charm and shine. An iconic diamond and gold jewelry collection that is recognizable thanks to its three moving diamonds, in white or rose gold hues.

Rose gold promotes classic style that enhances any skin complexion with a delicate shine. This bangle can be worn alone or stacked with more Messika bangle bracelets - € 15'200 - € 7'990

Set with playful diamonds in motion, perfect symbols of the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow represents creativity and astonishing artistry, as well as perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

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