Rolex Cellini Time

We have presented numerous different iterations of the beautiful Rolex Cellini collection; the only collection that exists outside the Oyster Perpetual range of watches. Today, we follow up that series of articles with a closer look at the brilliant Cellini Time, the time-only piece in the collection.

The Cellini Time is a sharp-looking watch of remarkable style and elegance. An instant classic, that stands above time

One could feel inclined to call this the Rolex dress watch – but that would be a half-truth at best, as such a statement would imply one ignores the outstanding versatility of Rolex watches such as the Datejust, Day-Date, Submariner and more. Nevertheless, Cellini timepieces certainly are among the more formal of Rolex watches, with the Cellini Time being the most classical in its time-only, three-hand dial layout.

Twelve large, long, hand-applied indices in 18ct white gold adorn the black dial and allow for an accurate reading of time – hours and minutes alike, thanks to their two-tier construction. A minute track adds an extra layer of segmentation and complexity to the dial, an ingenious move to further enhance complexity and legibility. The dauphine-style hands are 18ct white gold as well, with a faceted design to allow for easy distinction and stellar aesthetics.

The stunning proportions of the 39-millimeter-wide, 18ct white gold case of the Cellini Time sits beautifully on the wrist. Its special, two-tier bezel, large, refined, dauphine-style hands and applied indices make it elegant, stylish and functional

On the Cellini Time, we see an extremely rare and equally complicated-to-produce double bezel that is domed and fluted at the same time. Comprising two iconic Rolex designs, part of the bezel features a domed, convex segment with a deep, high-gloss finish, while its very edge exhibits fluting as is normally found on fluted bezels on iconic watches such as the Datejust and Day-Date. The look, touch and feel of this bezel add an extra touch to the overall aesthetic of this otherwise understated watch – a discreet glimpse into the brilliance and ingenuity with which Rolex approaches and treats all materials it chooses to work with.

Beautifully made from Rolex's own 18ct white gold, the Cellini Time radiates with confidence and elegance

The case is 39 millimeters wide and is crafted from 18ct white gold with a polished finish – notably, an Everose gold version is also available. Matched to a black leather strap on an 18ct gold buckle discreetly featuring the Rolex Crown for yet one more detailed touch. Behind an unmarked, high-polished, glossy case-back beats the Rolex Caliber 3131, a Superlative Chronometer tested both by the independent facilities of COSC as well as in-house by Rolex. Accurate to within -2/+2 seconds per day – a true testament to the movement's refinement and superior performance, the Cellini Time has all it takes to keep time accurately and reliably.

A true character and a true Rolex: the Cellini Time gives you Rolex's unrivaled excellence in the most elegant and discreet style

There is more to the Cellini Time than just mere specifications. It is a watch that radiates elegance and style, that displays a unique side of Rolex, where the manufacture's deep understanding is directed towards the creation of a watch that proudly and distinctly differs from the more widely known profile of Rolex. Make no mistake, with its stellar movement and exceptional design solutions and beautifully crafted details on its exterior, the Rolex Cellini Time is a Rolex conceived, created and embellished for timeless appeal.

We would be delighted to present you with a selection of Rolex Cellini watches in our Rolex Petite Geneve Petrovic boutiques in Budapest, Belgrade and Porto Montenegro.

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