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Devoted to the classic

Many watch brands collaborate with lot of celebrities, but just a few have signed a contract significent as one with Tudor, which recently announced that David Beckham has become the brand’s ambassador. Tudor’s heritage as a watch brand for explorers, adventurers and sportsmen makes this partnership with Beckham more than appropriate. And, because of that David Beckham wears the Black Bay Bronze, a 43 mm divers’ watch inspired by the brand’s history and fitted with the Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5601. He also wears the Black Bay Chrono, a COSC certified chronograph, inspired by Tudor’s diving and motorsports heritage.

The perfect match

As a child, David Beckham had a dream. Whenever asked about what he would want to be later in life he invariably answered “a football player”. This early drive led him to become one of the most acclaimed, loved and successful players in the history of the game. With three major clubs and 115 appearances in the English football team, 59 as captain, he left his mark: 6 England Championship titles, 2 Major League Soccer cups, one time Champion of Spain and one time UEFA Champion.

He might not have been the best scorer, nor the fastest player, but he had a unique style, both precise and spectacular. One of perfect passes, extraordinary kicks and supreme accuracy that proved decisive on the field. By daring to go all the way, David Beckham made his childhood dream a reality.

One of the biggest names in sports gets some new wristwear. Meet Tudor Black Bay Bronze, the same as charming David Beckham is wearing

Pushing the boundaries: stepping out of comfort zone

A reliable new timer for life's many missions: presenting the Tudor Black Bay Chrono, powered by the self-winding Manufacture Calibre MT5813

Beyond philanthropy and football, David Beckham has worked his way up to the status of much more than a legendary player. Facing the fear of what comes after a sports career and building on his ambition, he established himself as a global style icon. His influence on popular culture transcends the pitch. He is a model, an actor and a dedicated family man - and he counts hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

Shared values: Reinventing and improving himself, constantly

David Beckham is one of the hardest-working players in the history of football. Never taking anything for granted, even when injured, or on loan to another team, he trained harder than most. As a player, he reinvented himself every game. Even though retired from professional sports, he continues to inspire. His philanthropic activities focus on the protection and welfare of children worldwide. A long-time UNICEF Goodwill ambassador and malaria foe, he dedicates his energy and time to the health and education of children in Africa.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze
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