Roberto Coin
and the gift in the intersection

A gift is a refined concept. It contains all the consideration we have for another person, the understanding of that person’s world, how we see his or her dreams and which of those dreams we choose to make into reality. How tiring it is – with all the responsibility and performance anxiety it brings!

How much are we truly able to SEE those we love, and what elements help us decide how to surprise them? Every time we have to give a gift for a special occasion, there are two poles, one negative and one positive, that attract and repel each other. It’s called the intersection.

While it may be true that a gift must be entirely dedicated to the person who receives it, it’s also true that it’s OUR gift to that person; it represents us and where we are in that person’s life at that particular moment.

Love in Verona bangle with diamonds


EUR 16'730

Love in Verona bangle with diamonds


EUR 23'100

The intersection is an incredible and always unique space that forms between two people – incredible because it’s full of unchosen feelings, unforgettable memories and sometimes promises and hopes that perhaps we’ve never even revealed to each other, but that affect us.

It’s always a bit of a thrill to take a close look at the intersection, in part because we don’t know what we might find there and in part, because it bares us personally and laying ourselves bare is a little like practicing sports – it’s more enjoyable when it’s over.

But when we find our first-wind and push through fatigue, and we give ourselves over to the truth between two people, the intersection reveals all its uniqueness to us.

This year, Roberto Coin didn’t create a selection of gift ideas – he created an intersecting space.

The pieces he put in that space are his most significant because they’re the veritable manifestation of feelings, elements in iconic shapes; made of the color of memories, they shine like the light of dreams.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry gift isn’t trying to be the perfect design, the perfect price or the perfect style.

It’s trying to be the right one, the one that, when we look at it closely, reminds us of something in our intersecting space. Authentic, like something we’re already familiar with, because, inside, it holds a bit of ourselves.

Love in Verona bangle with black jade


EUR 16'250

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