Atelier Messika - A tribute to femininity

Launched in 2005, conceived by Valérie Messika, daughter of renowed diamantaire André Messika, dynamic brand made waves in the deeply traditional world of exclusive jewellery by breaking with the industry's long-held conventions.

Nevertheless, valérie's father passed down not only his passion for diamonds to her, but also his professional values.
Through the years, messika jewelry encourages women to be brilliant, free and sensual - the women who are confident to choose diamonds for everyday companions, as well as for every important occasion in their lives.
Available in pink gold, messika’s lucky move collection features a new series of moving diamonds - a signature concept of the parisian jewelry maison

Legacy of excellence: a portrait of success

Emerging from the revolutionary minimalism of the nineties and the millenial mood of luxury, diamond jewellery was going through metamorphosis, a process of reawakening and revitalisation in which Messika had a leading role.

Subtle, elegant and full of finesse my twin gold bangle is open on the top of the wrist pear-cut diamond facing the emerald-cut diamond - € 3’090

Valérie Messika not only established a modern diamond house and build an international brand, but also transformed the image and the attitude of precious jewellery, by its nature.

Creative and audacious, Valérie Messika finds inspiration in women's personality.

Radically different, yet so similar, each woman has a sensual gesture, a charm, an enigmatic look or an elegance which leaves you breathless. The revolution is only getting started...

A new era of diamonds: daring and rebellious, yet feminine designs. The essence of messika style is the intuitive, incomparable balance between craftmanship, character and shine of the diamonds

Messika style: always unique, always intriguing

Messika is the incarnation of modern luxury. Often imitated but never equaled, Messika jewelry is a true symbol of excellence. Through the years, atelier Messika has created numerous collections of signature pieces that were regularly revisited.

In this new version of the move romane pavé 18 carats pink gold ring, messika plays with combination of three pavé rings for triple pleasure
- € 6’900; move noa bracelet - € 6’020

However, in the central stage is the famous Move line, with its free-moving diamonds - a trilogy which simbolize yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s love. But that's only a part of Messika's creative universe...

Less is more: the unsurpassed minimalism

Atelier messika has revisited the timeless design, playing on the contrast of stance and delicacy. This 18 carat pink gold diamond band, fully handcrafted and set with three brilliant cut diamonds in motion, is a variation of the move collection, called move noa - € 6’020; € 14’90

With seductive diamond in the spotlight, Valérie Messika works to streamline her pieces ever further. Stripped of unnecessary details, the bold lines of Messika jewelry confidently trace the contours of barely perceptible supporting structures. The result is impressive: Messika presents prestigious diamonds that illuminate a silhouette of golden jewellry.

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