Messika Lucky Move - The magic of seduction

A brand new interpretation of moving diamonds, the flagship concept of the jewelry Maison, is presented in an elegant and feminine Lucky Move collection. Discover this sensual collection and its secret based on the contrast between the delicate medallions and strong geometric design of the iconic Move motif.

Bringing together the magnetism of gold and enchanting radiance of diamonds, these luxury necklaces, bracelets and rings symbolize the perfect accessories for each of your looks.

Lucky Move truly encapsulates Messika's recognizable elegance in its purest form. Embracing the new fashion tendency, this Lucky Move pink gold and diamond ring is the ideal gift for a loved-one - € 2'550

Messika Lucky Move exhudes luxury, contemporary style and incomparable quality in this elegant and gentle line. With a specific silhouette, its round shape and sparkling diamond details, the collection mirrors the unique Messika spirit.

Jewellery pieces from Lucky Move collection will quickly become your new lucky charms, your favourite detail in every situation - € 2'550

Vision of perfection: beauty beyond imagination

The clean design makes Lucky Move easy to wear alone or in combination with other jewelery pieces. Don’t hesitate to layer it with more diamond pieces in asymmetry for an edgy and seductive look. These attractve pendants offer a versatile and playful touch with two-sided design.

A brand new series of moving diamonds, the signature of the jewelry Maison, will not fail to impress you.

The collection reinvents the medallion with a new graphic look in pink gold necklaces in a fashionproof manner.

Express your love with 18ct pink gold Lucky Move necklace with enchanting diamonds - € 3'350, €6'650

Lucky Move  is a new addition for autumn 2019. The good-luck jewelry pieces from this collection will quickly become your new lucky charms.

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