Messika Move - The shape of perfection

With the Move collection in 2007 atelier Messika set diamonds on a track where they could glide, adding another dimension to their dynamic charm.

This gentle rose gold necklace, a fully handcrafted in atelier Mesika, is part of the iconic Move collection - € 3'980

In the meantime, Move collection became a true classic among renowed manufactures, a precious ornament with pedigree.

Discover the luxury Move necklaces, a true icon of the Messika design studio, and explore exquisite creations in various gold hues, with a refined diamond decorations.

The Move Collection's signature, a bezel-set diamond slides and shimmers with every movement inside the gold frame -€ 5'500 - € 3'980 - € 5'500

Move necklace: always unique, never ordinary

Since the creation of the original Move collection, the three diamonds in movement have become the company’s signature, with many seductive variations. With the luxury Move collection, diamonds are set free. Featuring three mobile stones, each piece of diamond jewelry is available in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

Subtle luxury: This creation in white gold is part of Move, refined Maison Messika collection - € 3'980

Exquisitely sophisticated, the Messika Move necklaces is all yours to admire. Because, details always speak louder than words... From casual charm to stylish elegance, the Messika Move necklace is always the perfect choise to enhance your evening outfit.

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